megengine.logger 源代码

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import contextlib
import logging
import os
import sys

_all_loggers = []
_default_level_name = os.getenv("MEGENGINE_LOGGING_LEVEL", "INFO")
_default_level = logging.getLevelName(_default_level_name.upper())

[文档]def set_log_file(fout, mode="a"): r"""Sets log output file. Args: fout: file-like object that supports write and flush, or string for the filename mode: specify the mode to open log file if *fout* is a string """ if isinstance(fout, str): fout = open(fout, mode) MegEngineLogFormatter.log_fout = fout
class MegEngineLogFormatter(logging.Formatter): log_fout = None date_full = "[%(asctime)s %(lineno)d@%(filename)s:%(name)s] " date = "%(asctime)s " msg = "%(message)s" max_lines = 256 def _color_exc(self, msg): r"""Sets the color of message as the execution type.""" return "\x1b[34m{}\x1b[0m".format(msg) def _color_dbg(self, msg): r"""Sets the color of message as the debugging type.""" return "\x1b[36m{}\x1b[0m".format(msg) def _color_warn(self, msg): r"""Sets the color of message as the warning type.""" return "\x1b[1;31m{}\x1b[0m".format(msg) def _color_err(self, msg): r"""Sets the color of message as the error type.""" return "\x1b[1;4;31m{}\x1b[0m".format(msg) def _color_omitted(self, msg): r"""Sets the color of message as the omitted type.""" return "\x1b[35m{}\x1b[0m".format(msg) def _color_normal(self, msg): r"""Sets the color of message as the normal type.""" return msg def _color_date(self, msg): r"""Sets the color of message the same as date.""" return "\x1b[32m{}\x1b[0m".format(msg) def format(self, record): if record.levelno == logging.DEBUG: mcl, mtxt = self._color_dbg, "DBG" elif record.levelno == logging.WARNING: mcl, mtxt = self._color_warn, "WRN" elif record.levelno == logging.ERROR: mcl, mtxt = self._color_err, "ERR" else: mcl, mtxt = self._color_normal, "" if mtxt: mtxt += " " if self.log_fout: self.__set_fmt(self.date_full + mtxt + self.msg) formatted = super(MegEngineLogFormatter, self).format(record) nr_line = formatted.count("\n") + 1 if nr_line >= self.max_lines: head, body = formatted.split("\n", 1) formatted = "\n".join( [ head, "BEGIN_LONG_LOG_{}_LINES{{".format(nr_line - 1), body, "}}END_LONG_LOG_{}_LINES".format(nr_line - 1), ] ) self.log_fout.write(formatted) self.log_fout.write("\n") self.log_fout.flush() self.__set_fmt(self._color_date( + mcl(mtxt + self.msg)) formatted = super(MegEngineLogFormatter, self).format(record) if record.exc_text or record.exc_info: # handle exception format b = formatted.find("Traceback ") if b != -1: s = formatted[b:] s = self._color_exc(" " + s.replace("\n", "\n ")) formatted = formatted[:b] + s nr_line = formatted.count("\n") + 1 if nr_line >= self.max_lines: lines = formatted.split("\n") remain = self.max_lines // 2 removed = len(lines) - remain * 2 if removed > 0: mid_msg = self._color_omitted( "[{} log lines omitted (would be written to output file " "if set_log_file() has been called;\n" " the threshold can be set at " "MegEngineLogFormatter.max_lines)]".format(removed) ) formatted = "\n".join(lines[:remain] + [mid_msg] + lines[-remain:]) return formatted if sys.version_info.major < 3: def __set_fmt(self, fmt): self._fmt = fmt else: def __set_fmt(self, fmt): self._style._fmt = fmt
[文档]def get_logger(name=None, formatter=MegEngineLogFormatter): r"""Gets megengine logger with given name.""" logger = logging.getLogger(name) if getattr(logger, "_init_done__", None): return logger logger._init_done__ = True logger.propagate = False logger.setLevel(_default_level) handler = logging.StreamHandler() handler.setFormatter(formatter(datefmt="%d %H:%M:%S")) handler.setLevel(0) del logger.handlers[:] logger.addHandler(handler) _all_loggers.append(logger) return logger
[文档]def set_log_level(level, update_existing=True): r"""Sets default logging level. Args: level: loggin level given by python :mod:`logging` module update_existing: whether to update existing loggers """ global _default_level # pylint: disable=global-statement origin_level = _default_level _default_level = level if update_existing: for i in _all_loggers: i.setLevel(level) return origin_level
_logger = get_logger(__name__) try: if sys.version_info.major < 3: raise ImportError() from .core._imperative_rt.utils import Logger as _imperative_rt_logger class MegBrainLogFormatter(MegEngineLogFormatter): date = "%(asctime)s[mgb] " def _color_date(self, msg): return "\x1b[33m{}\x1b[0m".format(msg) _megbrain_logger = get_logger("megbrain", MegBrainLogFormatter) _imperative_rt_logger.set_log_handler(_megbrain_logger) def set_mgb_log_level(level): r"""Sets megbrain log level Args: level: new log level Returns: original log level """ _megbrain_logger.setLevel(level) if level == logging.getLevelName("ERROR"): rst = _imperative_rt_logger.set_log_level( _imperative_rt_logger.LogLevel.Error ) elif level == logging.getLevelName("INFO"): rst = _imperative_rt_logger.set_log_level( _imperative_rt_logger.LogLevel.Info ) else: rst = _imperative_rt_logger.set_log_level( _imperative_rt_logger.LogLevel.Debug ) return rst set_mgb_log_level(_default_level) except ImportError as exc: def set_mgb_log_level(level): raise NotImplementedError("imperative_rt has not been imported") @contextlib.contextmanager def replace_mgb_log_level(level): r"""Replaces megbrain log level in a block and restore after exiting. Args: level: new log level """ old = set_mgb_log_level(level) try: yield finally: set_mgb_log_level(old)
[文档]def enable_debug_log(): r"""Sets logging level to debug for all components.""" set_log_level(logging.DEBUG) set_mgb_log_level(logging.DEBUG)