megengine.serialization 源代码

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import pickle

from .device import _valid_device, get_default_device
from .tensor import Tensor
from .utils.max_recursion_limit import max_recursion_limit

[文档]def save(obj, f, pickle_module=pickle, pickle_protocol=pickle.DEFAULT_PROTOCOL): r"""Save an object to disk file. Args: obj: object to save. Only ``module`` or ``state_dict`` are allowed. f: a string of file name or a text file object to which ``obj`` is saved to. pickle_module: Default: ``pickle``. pickle_protocol: Default: ``pickle.DEFAULT_PROTOCOL``. """ if isinstance(f, str): with open(f, "wb") as fout: save( obj, fout, pickle_module=pickle_module, pickle_protocol=pickle_protocol ) return with max_recursion_limit(): assert hasattr(f, "write"), "{} does not support write".format(f) pickle_module.dump(obj, f, pickle_protocol)
class dmap: def __init__(self, map_location): self.map_location = map_location def __enter__(self): Tensor.dmap_callback = staticmethod(self.map_location) return self def __exit__(self, type, value, traceback): Tensor.dmap_callback = None def _get_callable_map_location(map_location): if map_location is None: def callable_map_location(state): return state elif isinstance(map_location, str): def callable_map_location(state): return map_location elif isinstance(map_location, dict): for key, value in map_location.items(): # dict key and values can only be "xpux", "cpux", "gpu0", etc. assert _valid_device(key), "Invalid locator_map key value {}".format(key) assert _valid_device(value), "Invalid locator_map key value {}".format( value ) def callable_map_location(state): if state[:4] in map_location.keys(): state = map_location[state[:4]] return state else: assert callable(map_location), "map_location should be str, dict or function" callable_map_location = map_location return callable_map_location
[文档]def load(f, map_location=None, pickle_module=pickle): r"""Load an object saved with` from a file. Args: f: a string of file name or a text file object from which to load. map_location: Default: ``None``. pickle_module: Default: ``pickle``. Note: * ``map_location`` defines device mapping. See examples for usage. * If you will call :func:`~.megengine.set_default_device()`, please do it before :func:`~.megengine.load()`. Examples: .. code-block:: import megengine as mge # Load tensors to the same device as defined in model.pkl mge.load('model.pkl') # Load all tensors to gpu0. mge.load('model.pkl', map_location='gpu0') # Load all tensors originally on gpu0 to cpu0 mge.load('model.pkl', map_location={'gpu0':'cpu0'}) # Load all tensors to cpu0 mge.load('model.pkl', map_location=lambda dev: 'cpu0') """ if isinstance(f, str): with open(f, "rb") as fin: return load(fin, map_location=map_location, pickle_module=pickle_module) map_location = _get_callable_map_location(map_location) # callable map_location with dmap(map_location) as dm: return pickle_module.load(f)